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  • new page Category:Pages with broken file links
    created by QATestsBot
    New page:
    Summary: Hide 'Pages with broken file links' category, see []
    Added category: Hidden categories
  • new page Sammy and Goose
    created by Rivian1961
    New page: Sammy is a red LNER J70 tram.He has golden glasses and is a little older than Toby. He has had many grand adventures,and is kind and sadly not very...
  • new page Ryann and Sidney
    created by Rivian1961
    New page: Ryann is a blue Class 28 locomotive with an added pony truck. She has purple eyes and is slouchy. She is smarter than James,and tends to be less...
  • new page Steve and Sir John
    created by Rivian1961
    New page: Steve is a orphan blue Black 5 locomotive. Like Hereaker,he is also crazy. He often speaks loudly and randomly,and somehow shoots out from different...
  • new page Peter and Robert
    created by Rivian1961
    New page: Peter is a small green Billington E2.He is the #1 engine of the South Western Railway. Unlike Thomas,he has a single whistle and a trademark red lamp...
  • new page Hereaker
    created by Rivian1961
    New page: Hereaker is a red Black 5 locomotive. He is Henry's brother and is known for being rather physcotic and violent. He scares many people, and for an...
  • new page Vicky
    created by Rivian1961
    New page: Vicky is a green LNER D15. She is pretty smart,very sassy,and is infatuated with Henry. When she first arrived,she became rivals with Emily,and...
  • edit SIT Episode List
    edited by Rivian1961 diff
  • edit Sodor Island Tales
    edited by Rivian1961 diff
  • new page Sodor Island Tales
    created by Rivian1961
    New page: Add a picture Write the text of your article here!

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